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The Zarco Holding is a group that incorporates independent professional experiences and realities operating and investing in different key sectors of the global economy. The group’s objective is to provide through its independent business network elements, dynamic, reliable and innovative solutions to the modern world problems in the various sectors of expertise.

By operating in complementary sectors, its independent business elements have the ability to leverage synergies between their network of activities, creating value and connections, and optimizing its operations.


Distribution of tractors and earth-moving machinery, as well as in the supply of high-quality organic fertilizers. Additionally, Zarco Holding is specialized in the trade of commodities such as cereals, sugar, coffee, and other essential agricultural products to the distribution of high-quality animal feed, ensuring the health of animals and food safety.

01.  Earth-moving machinery

Commercial distribution of Tractors and Earth Moving Machinery.

02.  Organic Fertilizers

Supply and commercialization of high-quality organic fertilizers.

03.  Commodities

Trade of commodities like cereals, sugar, coffee and more.

04.  Animal Feed

Distribution of high-quality animal feed.

/ Renewable Energy

Contributing to the reduction of energy’s environmental impact and the fight against climate change by offering customized solutions to produce renewable energy for both private and public sector.

/ Building

Turnkey construction services, from design to the realization of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Additionally, to the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic and purification plants, hospitals, and other public large-scale infrastructures. Always ensuring maximum quality and safety.

/ Ground Handling Services

Comprehensive range of ground handling services to ensure efficient management and operation of aircraft at airports. From aircraft turnaround to passenger services, from baggage handling to maintenance activity and spare part supply, these services are essential to guarantee safety, comfort, and punctuality in aviation operations.


Engineered tools and equipment for severe applications and management services for petrochemical and gas plants. Always ensuring maximum efficiency and sustainability of the plants.

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