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Zarco Holding is an investment company operating in different key sectors of the global economy. Founded with the aim of offering innovative and sustainable solutions to modern world problems, the company has quickly gained a reputation as a dynamic and reliable player, with a strong presence in various sectors.

The main markets in which it operates are South Europe, Middle East, and Africa (SEMEA region).

By operating in complementary sectors, Zarco Holding has the ability to leverage synergies between its activities, creating value and connections, and optimizing its operations.


Zarco Holding has a strong presence in the agricultural sector, particularly in the distribution of agricultural equipment and products. The company is active in the distribution of tractors and earth-moving machinery, as well as in the supply of high-quality organic fertilizers. Additionally, Zarco Holding is specialized in the trade of commodities such as cereals, sugar, coffee, and other essential agricultural products. The company is also committed to distributing high-quality animal feed, ensuring the health of animals and food safety.

01.  Earth-moving machinery

Commercial distribution of Tractors and Earth Moving Machinery.

02.  Organic Fertilizers

Supply and commercialization of high-quality organic fertilizers.

03.  Commodities

Trade of commodities like cereals, sugar, coffee and more.

04.  Animal Feed

Distribution of high-quality animal feed.

/ Beverage

Zarco Holding operates in the beverage sector, with a special focus in mineral water extraction and bottling. Water is a vital resource, and it is essential to ensure its availability for future generations. Zarco Holding has developed innovative and sustainable solutions for water extraction and processing, ensuring the highest quality of the final product.

/ Recycling

Zarco Holding is dedicated in turning the vision of a sustainable future into reality. With a passion for environmental conservation and a committment to social responsibility, we strive to reduce environmental impact through innovative recycling. We promote efficient collection, processing and reuse of materials, thus contributing to preserving natural resources and addressing the growing waste problem.

/ Renewable Energy

Zarco Holding is committed to the production of renewable energy. The company is active in promoting the use of renewable energy, contributing to the reduction of energy’s environmental impact and the fight against climate change. Thanks to its experience in the sector, Zarco Holding is capable of providing customized solutions for both private and public sector.

/ Building

Zarco Holding also operates in the construction and infrastructure sector. Our highly specialized team offers turnkey construction services, from design to the realization of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Additionally, we deal with the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic and purification plants, hospitals, and other public infrastructures. Our company can manage large-scale projects, always ensuring maximum quality and safety.


Zarco Holding propose sustainable solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our team of experts provides engineered tools and equipment for severe applications and management services for petrochemical and gas plants, always ensuring maximum safety and quality. Additionally, we offer monitoring and maintenance services for petrochemical infrastructures, ensuring maximum efficiency and sustainability of the plants.

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